Welcome to Sherry Speaks Life School! I am your instructor Sherry Jones, and I'm excited to offer my Overcoming Self-Sabotage Course.
This course is designed to help Christian women discover the root of self-sabotage in their lives so they can overcome it and confidently fulfill their God-given assignments. Please review the curriculum, watch the Welcome message, learn more about me, and enroll below. I am looking forward to connecting with you during the course! Be blessed!

Meet Sherry Jones

Sherry Jones is a certified Christian Life Coach, author, speaker, host of Sherry Speaks Life Podcast, and ministry leader of Glory Carriers Women's Network. She is an encourager who loves to help Christian women win in every area of their lives.

Sherry believes in the power of speaking life. Her definition of speaking life is taking your negative words and thoughts and transforming them into positive ones rooted in the Word of God. It's a choice we must make every day and Sherry encourages women to make that choice through her courses, coaching program, books, podcast, and ministry.

Connect with Sherry at Sherry Speaks Life – Making Speaking Life a Lifestyle to learn more about her and her services.

Sherry Jones